AR Drone Flight School

The AR Drone is perhaps the first to combine robotics with the emerging, and heavily hyped up, field of augmented reality (AR). The quadricopter carries two cameras and can stream video to an device via Wi-Fi. Controlling the AR Drone is intuitive and fun. Power it on and four propellers will lift the aircraft up off the ground. Simply move the directional button and the AR Drone will rise up a meter higher into the air and then sit and wait for your next command. To move the AR Drone around, simply tilt your iPhone or iPad in the desired direction.

South Coast Baptist College – AR Drone Flight Training Program.

As a student at South Baptist College, you are required to take the AR Drone Pilots Test. Your training will include not only basic control of the AR Drone but also some of the complex manoeuvres required to become a proficient AR Drone Pilot. Use the instructional videos to assist you in mastering both indoor and outdoor flight.

AR Drone Flight Training: Indoor Flight:

AR Drone Flight Training: Outdoor Flight:

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